Machinery / Equipment

Sipi Srl was founded in 1982, we produce plastic bags for the most different needs; from medical applications to banks, food packaging and more. We aim at satisfying our customer needs, for this reason we produce only on order.

Our machinery and equipment is constantly renovated, so that we are able to offer our customer the best quality for the best price. An example of this constant renovation is the new UV printing system, this gives a clearer print, which is also eco-friendly as it doesn’t need the use of solvents.

In 2009 we also installed a photovoltaic system which is able to satisfy our energetic needs, protecting the environment.

Our customers are located in 20 different Countries, almost in Europe, from Sweden to Portugal. Approximately 30% of our revenues derive from sales abroad.

Our machines are very modern and up to date. We believe that investing in new technologies is something very important, as it gives us the possibility of improving the quality of our products. Moreover it also allow us to increase our productivity and, at the same time, lowering consumption and increasing energy efficiency. Is for all these reasons that our production process is highly automated.