Improving every day, one step at a time

The story of a company that today produces over 600,000 kg of plastic packaging

Fabbrica buste di plastica a Milano

“Do you produce plastic bags? – Asks a man ringing the doorbell of the mechanical company where Luciano Carollo works as an employee in Milan.

It was with this question - and with a good dose of desire to get involved - that a great entrepreneurial adventure began in 1982 as a producer of plastic materials for packaging. Luciano replies yes and immediately sets out to find the best way to satisfy the request of his first client. An amusing anecdote that tells the spirit with which our company was born and raised: the courage to dare to improve every day, but also the reliability of those who know how to grow one step at a time.

After starting to sell plastic bags as a small trader, Luciano chooses to become a manufacturer in order to be able to respond in the most precise and flexible way to the needs of his customers. He buys his first envelope cutting machine and after just under a year he moves from Varese, where he had installed the machine, to Milan to found his factory of plastic bags and packing reels. It is precisely in Milan that this adventure begins; with a partner, the former employer who wanted to believe in this ambitious project, and an employee who is still part of our staff today.

After continuous growth, which has led us to operate both nationally and internationally, and to increase our fleet of machines to meet the needs of an increasingly large and diversified production of industrial plastic bags, in the nineties we the first enlargement of the production site became necessary, with the transfer to Melzo.

In those years, the theft of a fundamental machinery for production represented a turning point for the company, pushing us to purchase new cutting-edge equipment that has allowed us to make a leap in quality and specialize further. This unfortunate event also strengthened our view of the company as a reality that must be able ensure its financial solidity in any situation. This is why we have always counted on ourselves by investing wisely carefully and adopt a company policy that protects employees, suppliers and customers.

With the same spirit of foresight, never rash, and with the collaboration of his daughter Andrea who, after an experience work outside the family business, she joined her father in the management, in 2018 we invested in a further expansion of production at the new headquarters in via Guido Rossa 7 in Melzo with a production area of over 1000 m2, from where it continues our journey…

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