Società Italiana Prodotti Imballaggio

Plastic packaging solutions for companies in every sector

Sipi S.r.l. is specialized in the production of plastic packaging suitable for the packaging and transport of any type of goods. From our headquarters in Melzo (MI) we supply bags and film and shrink film to more than 1000 customers in Milan, Italy and around the world, exporting around 30% of our turnover to more than 20 countries, mainly European.

Our packaging materials are produced to order according to specific customer requirements. The feature The main feature of our offer is in fact the very high level of customization combined with the speed of realization. We make very diversified products, including bags up to 2.5 meters long and tubular bags ranging from 5 cm to 120 cm.

The materials used vary according to specific needs and the type of goods to be packaged, but in each case the finished product complies with specific sector regulations. For example, we produce bags for packaging and transport products that meet the stringent requirements imposed by the MOCA.


Our production flexibility and the experience gained allow us to quickly satisfy our customers even with small runs from around 100 kg up to easily reaching 2,000 kg.

Green every day, not just with words

That a plastic processing company talks about green might seem hardly credible. It is true that plastics pollute the woods, the seas and also the edges of the roads, so we will not try to add grist to our mill by exposing all the advantages they bring to our lives. In our small way, however, we are concretely committed to reducing the environmental impact, because even a plastics company is made up of men who live in this world, breathe this air and drink this water. Just like everyone. Like everyone, therefore, we want a clean and healthy world, welcoming for us and for our children.

This is why we have chosen to use ONLY energy from renewable sources, partly by purchasing it, partly by producing it with photovoltaics. Furthermore, we recycle all our processing waste by reintroducing it into the production process to give it a second life. We regularly receive the PRS Green Label. As a cooperative partner, we actively contribute to the circular recycling system pallets, maximizing their recovery and reuse whenever possible.

The last but not least action that we undertake for sustainability is the purchase of latest generation machinery, capable of minimize consumption and create a better product, also in terms of environmental impact. And in our everyday life we travel with electric cars, because we believe that the commitment to the environment is not only made up of words but of concrete daily gestures.

Luciano Carollo


Thanks to the use of the latest generation equipment, we offer a product that fully complies with the requests both in terms of format and print resolution.


Our production processes and the exclusive use of virgin material guarantee a finished product that is safe, resistant and compliant with sector regulations.


We normally process orders in about 10 working days but in case of urgency or special needs, production times can be shortened up to 1 or 2 days.

Soluzioni per l'imballaggio Sipi Srl

Our commitment to technological innovation and the environment.

Since the origins of our company we have always believed in technological innovation as one of the main tools for offer better and more competitive products. This is why we dedicate a large portion of our turnover to investments technology and the renewal of the company machinery.

Furthermore, we believe that attention to the environment is also an essential value in the plastics sector. Indeed, we are committed to improve the environmental sustainability of our production processes and research more products ecological, such as compostable and oxo-degradable plastic; as well as carefully sorting out the scrap of production according to the type of material and waste, in order to achieve effective separate collection.

In some cases the choice of more efficient processes has allowed us to obtain better results and at the same time to reduce the environmental impact of production. The printing machines of the latest generation allow for example to use much less color than what was used with the old concept machines, with a much higher yield and with a lower use of solvents.

In 2009 we also installed a photovoltaic system able to partially meet our needs energy and to contribute to the protection of the environment.