Packaging products and solutions in Milan

Customised plastic packaging

Thanks to its impressive experience and highly specialised, leading-edge machinery, Sipi S.r.l. is able to offer a diversified, completely customisable mix of products to meet the needs of any production process. In terms of sizes, our product range includes film on reels and bags with width from 5 cm up to 120 cm, and we can also cut sheets and bags in lengths up to 250 cm. We guarantee a very high printing quality with excellent resolutions and graphics in up to 8 colours. We also offer support for the graphic design phase when needed.
Our products can be customised with different types of closure, such as ties as used in hotel laundry bags, press-to-close, handle zip, slider or hooks and handles of various sizes. The main materials we use are high, medium and low density polyethylene, shrink-wrap film and compostable material. For anyone requiring an environment-friendly bag which degrades over time who is unable, for various reasons, to use compostable material, we produce packaging in oxo-degradable plastic. We also comply with the European food contact materials regulations for the manufacture of film suitable for contact with foods. We print 1 to 3 colours on one side or 2+1 in-line and are also able to print in up 8 colours on request.

All our products are produced to the customer’s specifications. Contact us for specific needs and we will offer you the best solution.