Production of plastic bags.

Custom packaging products for every need

Produzione sacchetti di plastica

Sipi S.r.l. manages the production of plastic bags and other packaging products exclusively on order to meet specific customer needs.

The respect of delivery times is guaranteed by an efficient management through a production system computerized and automated that sends new orders directly to the production chain with all the necessary technical specifications. To the At the end of the order, the packaging reels and plastic bags are prepared for shipment, which takes place promptly and according to the agreements with the customer.

Every year we invest almost 10% of our turnover in technological innovation, the qualitative improvement of production and increasing the energy efficiency of the plants. The constant updating of the equipment, in particular, is one of the our strengths because it allows us to respond with maximum flexibility to any production requirement, in terms of customization, timing and volume of the order.

Our specialization is above all in the creation of made-to-measure packaging products rather than mass production. Our extruders do not have a production capacity of hundreds of kg/hour, but precisely for this allows us to better satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers, with highly customized and quality productions.

Thanks to the variety of accessories mounted on our welding machines, we can offer a high level of customization as far as pertains to the details of the bags and packaging materials, including: anti-choke holes in the bags, holes European rings to hang the bags on the displays, bean holes to create the handles in the bags, pressure zips, double-sided adhesive strips for the closing.

These are just some of the customizations we can make on your bags and reels. Not for any need hesitate to contact us.