Biodegradable packaging

Production of packaging for businesses in all sectors

Bags and films in oxo-degradable plastic

Sipi S.r.l. is a company specialized in the production of biodegradable bags in Milan. We produce and print ecological bags in oxo-degradable material and biodegradable film which have the characteristics of resistance and safety of PE bags. Thanks to the addition of an additive in the plastic which causes its degradation in the environment in a period ranging from 9 months to 5 years, they have a lower environmental impact.

Compostable packaging

Compostable packaging has lower degradation times than oxo-degradable plastic packaging, in fact it can completely disintegrate in less than three months. Our compostable bags are OK Compost Industrial certified to guarantee their biodegradability in industrial composting plants, including the inks and all the components used in the production process.

Custom biodegradable bags

The biodegradable bags that we currently produce have dimensions ranging from 15x25 cm up to 40x66 cm. They are mainly used in the hotel sector, for example as sanitary bags for ladies, laundry bags, shirt bags or garment covers.

The processing of these materials is in full development following the progressive and growing attention towards green products, therefore we are increasingly specializing in this sector by expanding the production possibilities in terms of available sizes and customizations. We therefore invite you to contact us for any specific requirement. Together we will look for the best solution.

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