Plastic bags

Production of packaging for businesses in all sectors

Bags for packaging and industrial plastic bags are the heart of Sipi Srl's activity. We are in fact a factory of polyethylene bags and bags for packaging of various types, in particular customized products.

Polyethylene bags

Polythene (PE) bags are ideal for packing and packaging products in the industrial and commercial fields. We produce hdpe/ldpe pouches and bags. We produce envelopes, bags and sachets in polyethylene in various shapes and sizes, starting from 6x7 cm up to 110x250 cm. Depending on the type of goods to be contained, they can have different thicknesses and consistencies, with the use of high, medium and low density polyethylene (HD, MD, PLT). PE bags are available in rolls, reels and bulk.

The PE bags we make are used in the medical (biohazard type), industrial, logistics, hotel and personal service (laundry) fields. Upon request, we also produce polyethylene bags for the food sector, i.e. envelopes and bags certified for food contact according to current legislation in the food sector.

Polypropylene bags

We produce bags and pouches in transparent polypropylene (PP), available in a wide range of different, customizable formats and sizes. PP bags are stiffer than PE bags and more resistant to temperature variations and abrasion, they are transparent and bright and are used in the industrial packaging of goods of different types, especially in the food sector.

Custom plastic bags

We create special finishes for plastic bags and envelopes for packaging. Our products can reach a high degree of customization, from 8-color printing to bags with flap and the application of removable or non-removable double-sided tape, from customized pressure-lock bags to bags with zip-lock handles with the possibility, for example, to insert the euro hole or bean hole on the zipper, bags to which hooks or handles of different sizes and colors are applied, but also bags with bean handles, with lace or slider closure, with pre-cut, with euro hole or holes suitable for hanging the bundle of bags and proceeding, by tearing, with the removal of one bag at a time. We are also able to produce laminated or foil pouches.

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