Plastic film on reels

Production of packaging for businesses in all sectors

We produce plastic film on reels with width from 50 to 1200 mm.

We process a wide range of raw materials, including high, medium and low density polythene (HD, MD, PLT), polypropylene (PP) and compostable or oxo-degradable material.

We are able to customise your films with printing in up to 8 colours, perforation and scoring, as well as to supply the diameter and characteristics required by the specific use (e.g. slippery or non-slippery material, reels for packaging machines).

We also produce shrink-wrap film in small/medium quantities (from 200 to 1500 kg approx.).

The field of use of our film on reels ranges across a variety of contexts, mainly industry, food, hotels, medical, logistics and personal care services (laundries).

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